Business as usual at Kissht

We are aware that recent media surrounding the credibility of Kissht may have raised some concerns among our dedicated customer base. However, the Kissht app remains fully functional and is running seamlessly.

The Kissht app has been serving 6.5 million customers since 2015 and has been providing them with uninterrupted instant credit services. The Kissht app is 100% made in India, made for India. Our primary objective always was and always has been to serve Indians and enhance their day-to-day lives. The Kissht app continues to operate, and its instant loan remains available to its customers.

In fact, our customers are continuing to avail of uninterrupted services on the Kissht app and are enjoying its many benefits. Our customers are continuing to repay their dues and are reusing their credit limit. In other words, business continues as usual.

While its credibility is currently under question, its track record paints an entirely different picture. The Kissht app was the only profit-making fintech during the lockdown. During the pandemic, the fintech space faced a huge blow, with many significant players suffering losses and uncertainty. However, the Kissht app was the only exception. This is a testament to its devoted customers and its services, and the Kissht app currently has around 15 million downloads.

Kissht is an RBI-registered NBFC and is a clean, transparent organization. We are currently working with the Government and other industry bodies to arrive at a way forward. Given our reputed investor base and eminent management team, we don’t foresee any concerns.

We are confident that this will be resolved at the earliest, and Kissht can continue working on our primary mission; serving millions of Indians across the country. We are eternally grateful to our customers and will continue doing everything in our power to improve their experience with Kissht.